PyCon 2020 tickets available: April 15-23 2020 – Pittsburgh, PA

Hi all,

In case you missed it, PyCon 2020 tickets went up for sale this week. This year, PyCon is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from April 15-23:

The conference is structured as follows:

  • Tutorials, April 15-16: “The first 2 days of the conference offer a schedule packed with 3-hour tutorials to help both beginners and experienced developers learn new technologies and increase their skills.”
  • Conference, April 17-19: “The 3 main conference days offer almost 100 talks, an Expo Hall where you can visit our sponsors, and events including an academic poster session, a Job Fair, and an annual benefit auction.”
  • Sprints, April 20-23: “The final 4 days are our developer sprints, where developers both veteran and novice enjoy several days of rare in-person collaboration on their favorite open source projects.”

And don’t forget, there will be a Python 2 retirement party. Stay tuned.

I hope some of y’all can make it out this year, I’m going to try and go if I can make it work!

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Since PyCon is in Pittsburgh next year, it might make sense to put together a convoy of folks from RIT! I’m sure we could drive down there on Friday, and head back up Sunday night. Worth a thought!

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+1 to this idea. It’s a drive-able distance. :smile:

Look for the yellow laptop shoulder bag with a big “PyCon 2003” logo on it. The running joke is I was the only one stupid enough to buy one that year, when they were being sold on Cafe Press. :wink:

Possibly, if I get it cleaned, my official Red Hat red hat. If not, a black Greek sailor’s cap.

And, if you like good Belgian beer, I’ve already done reconnaissance. :wink:

To whit: Sharp Edge Bistro beckons.

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I hope we’ll get to see you there!

So in a last minute effort, I submitted a research poster for PyCon this year with a friend. Waiting to hear back next month. :crossed_fingers:

Good luck. Will you be at the pre-conference Education Summit on Thursday?

Thanks! :crossed_fingers:

I haven’t heard anything about it yet. Do you have a link with more information?

PyCon 202 Education Summit

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@Tjzabel confirmed that tickets are still available! I’m going to get my ticket today. BTW, the PyLadies auction ticket is $5 but it’s definitely worth going.

I think most folks either knew or could have guessed, but just to follow up here, PyCon 2020 was officially canceled in-person because of COVID-19:

However, some parts of the conference will be provided online. Details are in that blog post:

Even though the in-person event isn’t happening in 2020, our staff and volunteers are already planning to deliver several PyCon US components remotely throughout April.