Using for FOSS community events?

Hi folx! Earlier this week I opened an issue on the FOSSRIT task tracker about possibly migrating our use of Eventbrite over to for our in-person events:

There is some additional context for why to make this move over in the GitHub issue. I’m curious to get some more feedback on this in the next week. If it’s something we do, I’d like to do it before my tentative departure date from MAGIC on March 6th.

Does anyone have any thoughts or views on our potential use of for organizing our in-person events?

This sounds good to me. However, don’t you need to pay for Meetup (for hosting)?

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I made a false assumption that creating a single meet-up group was free, but you’re right. It would cost $16.49 a month if we paid six months at a time. See Organizer subscription pricing for full details.

Admittedly it makes me less inclined to push on this, although I still think it would outweigh using Eventbrite if we are consistent on using it. I assume @RITSteve would ask @whenbellstoll for help on setting up a new Eventbrite account after I’m gone if we didn’t go with Meetup.