About the Projects category

Category for students, faculty, staff, and alums to share projects with the community. This can be a team or individual project of any kind. Let us know what you’re up to!

Why should people use this category? What is it for?

This category is intended for anyone in the RIT community. It is meant to be a place for us to share the projects we are working on. They can be personal or work projects, something you are paid to do or something you do in your spare time as a hobby project.

This is also a great opportunity for you to share your projects and get feedback from the wider community too.

How exactly is this different than the other categories we already have?

While this is a part of RIT academic life, this category is specifically intended for discussion around projects, hobbies, and the things we do that interest us.

What should topics in this category generally contain?

Projects should be something you are working on and want to share. Projects do not have to be technology only.

If you want to share a project and don’t know what to say, consider answering these primer questions:

  1. What is your project and what it does it do?
  2. Why is this project interesting to you?
  3. What are some future ideas for this project?
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