Call for interest: RIT FOSS Business, Legal, and Policy SIG

Hi folks!

I am looking for co-chairs for an informal RIT FOSS Business, Legal, and Policy SIG. This thread is a short explainer of the idea, and what kind of support I am seeking.

Background and context

Lately we have had several interesting legal and policy discussions about open source. I think they take the form of dialogue and debates. This was a format used for the FOSDEM 2020 Legal and Policy DevRoom and MozFest D&D.

Since there is an increasing interest in these topics, and since more things are going virtual, what if we had a small focus group discussion about these topics?

Purpose / function of a SIG

This SIG could meet once or twice a month virtually to discuss and/or debate various hot topics in the future of FOSS. This would be focused on business, legal, and policy aspects, beyond just building the software.

I think a goal is to encourage more RIT students to speak up, share, and also learn about technology sociopolitics. I also believe it will invite new thinking to some very old problems in FOSS.

We might be able to find/invite speakers if there is enough interest, e.g. someone from Software Freedom Conservancy.

Co-chairs wanted!

I am looking for help on the following things:

  • Scheduling, organizing, and planning regular meetings
  • Reviewing current events for discussion topics
  • Moderating a community “fireside chat” on a Free Software audio/video service
  • Sharing and promoting the SIG to other places and communities at RIT

I am interested in moderating a few discussions, but I would need help from others to keep it going. So, this is my call for interest to see if anyone else would want to help with this idea!

Take this temperature-check poll if you would join, co-chair, or pass on a RIT FOSS Business, Legal, and Policy SIG:

  • Yes, I definitely want to co-chair!
  • Yes, I might co-chair with some guidance.
  • Yes, I would like to participate.
  • Maybe. Not sure. [Please reply with your questions!]
  • No, I would probably not join.

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The poll closes next Friday, August 29th. I will use this feedback and any discussion in this thread to figure out how best to push this forward. Right now, I mostly want to know if folks want to get together and just chat about these topics!

This sounds really interesting! But I’m graduating at the end of the semester :crossed_fingers:so I don’t want to make long term commitments.

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