Docker containers + supercomputers = ? (Monday, Nov. 18, 1pm @ ORN-1350)

Hi folks!

Come join me on Monday at the RIT Scientific Computing Group to learn more about running containers in supercomputers / High-Performance Computing clusters!

Here is the full abstract:

Nov 18, 2019 at 01:00pm
Location: 1350 Orange Hall

How do you deliver research software into research computing environments? Or supercomputers? Docker containers and related products are revolutionizing IT infrastructure, but where do containers belong in supercomputing / High-Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure, on large distributed computing grids? In a world of proprietary hardware and drivers, large-scale distributed systems, and emphasis on bare-metal performance, are containers another virtualization fad to skip over supercomputing? Guess again.

This session explores different container run-times built for supercomputing / HPC environments, what they offer, and some benefits/costs of implementing them alongside HPC job scheduling software. This session will be useful for you if you work with HPC infrastructure, you write code intended to be run on parallel systems, or you are interested for what the future of HPC technology might look like.

Hope to see some folks there!