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Hello. I have recently discovered a website similar to the Reddit r/place event from a few years ago, but on a much larger scale. This website has been around for a while, and there is already a bot available. I am currently using the bot to draw the FossRIT logo at -18893, 3684. If you want to help make the process faster, as well as keep the logo defended, I will post some resources to help you get started.

The bot software is written in Python and available at GitHub - RogerioBlanco/PixelCanvasBot: A bot to Simply download the bot and run the software as specified in the readme. The command I used is:

python -x -18893 -y 3684 -i foss-logo.jpg

Here is an imgur link to the file that I used. You must use the same logo so that the bots do not overlap and overwrite the same image multiple times.

Happy pixel-ing!

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