FOSS@RIT Tech Team meeting minutes - 2020 Mar. 8

Hi folks! The FOSS@RIT Tech Team convened for our second meeting of the semester today. :tada: Below is a brief recap of the notes from our call. The next call will be Sunday, March 22nd at 3pm EDT.

Roll call

Tech Team meeting agenda

  • Welcomes, hellos, chit chat
  • Announcements
    • TeleIRC sprint ongoing; more handlers being written to reach same functionality as v1.x.x branch
    • Foss-profiles: @kennedy converted foss-profiles repo to a Jekyll site (
    • Runbook approaching v1.0.0 release

Project updates

TeleIRC (@jwf)

  • Done:
    • Developer meeting took place yesterday
    • First few handlers are being written now that Go code is mostly stable
    • Roughly on target
  • Doing:
    • Writing more handlers
    • Expanding CI coverage for Go code
  • Concerns:
    • Writing unit tests for handlers; doable but likely will be trickier than writing the actual handlers

Foss-profiles (@kennedy)

  • First Jekyll site is published, hooray!
  • Would help to scope out next steps and future goals

Foss-profiles stories

Stories are how we brainstorm new ideas for a project. We came up with some โ€œstoriesโ€ to help us plan out what new tasks we take on for the Foss-profiles project.

  • Closer integration with the FOSS@RIT website to make it easier to discover
    • Integrate with FOSS website
  • Ability to add profile pictures / icon for people
    • Gravatar research?
  • Show icons for git forges / social profiles
  • Alphabetical sort
    • Needs a little research
  • Search bar
  • Automate moving students to alums

Other notes

  • Second half-hour of future Tech Team meeting will be developer meeting for FOSS Profiles
  • Next call is Sunday, March 22 @ 3pm EDT

Video recording of meeting