GitHub Graph Project

During Brickhack I created a project which allows you to visualize your GitHub friends network.

Along with visualizing your network, you can view a time-line of all the repositories which are on your account.

Since we had some extra time, we added another page which allows you to view the friend network of a github organization.

This is what FOSS’s organization looks like:

I hope you guys poke around with this.
Since I only worked on this during a hackathon, there is a lot of work which can be done to this project.
If you are interested in contributing to this project, feel free to ping me (@jrtechs).


I think you forgot to share a link to the website and source code. :smile:

Awesome work! :tada: Can’t wait to see where this goes next. I’ll share it around a bit too.

For the record, the URL is here:

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I’d be interested @jxr8142 in knowing more about what direction you were thinking of taking this.

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Me too.

@jxr8142 You could consider taking IGME-585 Project in FOSS Development next fall semester. This would give you a chance to get course credit and also build out a project of your own. Here is the enrollment info for next fall:

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I would consider taking that next semester… however I’m not even going to be in Rochester! It’d be really cool if we could have some online HFOSS courses, even as an additional IGM elective. I’m loving the project-based nature of my courses but I graduate soon!

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@effendiian There are options to take an independent study if you’re on a tight timeline and want to get more FOSS exposure before graduating. Usually they are offered by Prof. Stephen Jacobs in IGM. This could be a secondary option for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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