Has anyone heard of the Fairphone before?

Recently, I stumbled across the Fairphone, an Android smartphone built on ethical sourcing of hardware and emphasizing the right-to-repair (you can order several modular parts if a component fails, cracks, or defects):


It’s not yet available in the US, but I thought this was a really cool phone. I was curious if anyone else had heard of it before now.

This is soooooo cool. I’d definitely be interested and seeing how usable it is as a phone. Especially from the battery life standpoint. Repairability is key.

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This is what I was wondering too. It’s not clear if it runs something like LineageOS out of the box, but I would guess it isn’t hard to flash a new ROM.

I loved the fact that (1) batteries are removable, and (2) new batteries only cost 20€… :heart_eyes:

20 euro??? I might have to pick one up next time I’m in the UK…

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Check out the spare parts page:

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