Help wanted: Convert Adobe Illustrator to Inkscape-friendly SVG

Hi folks! We could use a hand from someone with some design software chops (and licenses).

Could someone please help us convert this Adobe Illustrator poster into an SVG for use in Inkscape?

These are the posters to promote the courses related to the FOSS Minor / Immersion. The friendly folks in the MAGIC Lab designed this for us in Illustrator, but it would help us to maintain this poster ourselves with Free Software tools like Inkscape.

Adobe products aren’t available for my operating system and the RIT MAGIC lab computers require an Adobe cloud license to use any of the installed desktop apps. :thinking: It would be great if someone could spend some time to clean up the export in Inkscape if you have some free time, but this isn’t required.

If someone can convert the Illustrator file, add the exported SVG to a ZIP file and upload it to the GitHub issue here.

Any help here is appreciated. Thanks folks!

Some googling tells me you should be able to open it in Inkscape just fine, you might just need GhostScript installed.

There’s a way to make Inkscape operate in command-line mode too, so you should be able to do something like (pseudo-code): inkscape --batch --export filename.svg

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I converted it, IGM gives Game Design students access to Illustrator here it is.

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Thanks @whenbellstoll! :raised_hands: