Ideas for more sub-categories?

(Justin W. Flory) #1

Do you have suggestions or ideas on more categories to add to the Discourse site?

The site is officially launched, although we aren’t publicizing it too much yet. This is sort of like an early beta phase for the site. This is a chance to help shape what this site will look like in the coming year.

One way to encourage more discussion is to create categories around specific topics. Does anyone have ideas for new categories for things we could start discussing? Or maybe the better way of asking this is, are there specific things you want to share or talk about with other folks in the RIT FOSS community?

Let me know what you all think and we can add a few more categories into Discourse. :raised_hands:

(Justin W. Flory) #2

I’ve added a few more categories, like RIT Academic Life and Technology. I’m open-minded to adding others too. :slightly_smiling_face:

(D. Joe) #3

One thing that sometimes proves valuable on forum-style sites is a Practice or Sandbox type area, where people can just practice posting, play with the interface, and otherwise feel uninhibited about trying things out without fear of cluttering up a more valued part of the site.

May be good to leave open the possibility that that part of the site might be subject to periodic clean outs, so garbage can get wiped without surprising people too much.

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(D. Joe) #4

For a broader consideration of the kinds of topics a forum site might have, consider one of the long-running stalwarts, The WeLL:

(Justin W. Flory) #5

@deejoe I like this idea. I’ll work on setting something up. I won’t be able to get this one right away because I want to ensure email notifications will not include posts from that category before setting it up. But it’s on my radar.

(Mike Nolan) #6

It might be cool to have a section specifically dedicated to showing off personal projects. I’m not sure if discourse allows sub-sections but if it does, we could have a section for things like TigerOS, ofCourse (we still using that?), etc.

What do y’all think?

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(Justin W. Flory) #7

I like the idea for a student project section. :smile: I added a ticket for it here:

(Justin W. Flory) #8

This is now done! :tada: I created a new category here:

I moved over some older threads that were project-related.