Inkscape Hackfest2020 Online

Originally shared by Marie Nordin on Fedora Design Team mailing list.

The Inkscape Project announced virtual summer hackdays each Saturday between 11 July and 15 August:

The Summer of Hackfest is an online video hackfest which happens for six Saturdays for six hours. You are invited to join Big Blue Button at any time during the hackfest, although each day will have a single meeting as 4PM UTC the rest of the day will be chatting and an easy activity that any new contributor can come and learn.

The host [Martin Owens] will be in the video chat for the time of the distributed conference but will be joined by meeting hosts for the specific topics. If you are already in one of the teams, please do come along and chat will the whole community about the area for that day. Participants are not required to come every week, or attend for the whole time. (But it will be so much fun if you do)!

Full details are at the links below!