Interview with Python founder on thinking in code

“You primarily write your code to communicate with other coders, and, to a lesser extent, to impose your will on the computer.”
Guido van Rossum

Hi folks, in case you missed it, the founder of Python (Guido van Rossum) is retiring. Before he officially began retirement, his former employer Dropbox did an interview with him on their company blog. It is an awesome interview; I hope some of y’all enjoy this too:

For your amusement, an old video from the guy who introduced me to Python, lo those many years ago, and with whom I have collaborated for many a year, Introducing Python (A love story video) by students of “card-carrying commie” (his words, not mine) Jeff Elkner.

Jeff and I are now co-founders of our wee, little tech co-op. (See also “platform cooperativism” which I leave as an exercise to the reader.) Mostly seeking to create Django-based sites for all them leftist, pinko, good causes we both believe in, yada, yaday.

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Wow, sooooo there are a lot of cringe-y moments in this documentary. It definitely shows its age in 2019. :see_no_evil: But there is a lot of good content woven in here though. All the parts with Guido were awesome. As someone interested in the intersections of culture with Free Software, this was an interesting perspective to see.

Also wow, Guido is so young! :smile:

Guido van Rossum, Python founder, at some point in late 1990s or early 2000s

I’ll be interested to get some of your knowledge on the co-op experience in a new thread soon. :slightly_smiling_face: