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Say hello and introduce yourself to the FOSS RIT community. :wave:

What do I post here?

Tell us a little about yourself! Post an introduction in this category and say hello. In your introduction, consider answering some of these questions:

  1. What is your affiliation to RIT? Student, faculty, staff, or just interested in FOSS RIT?
  2. If a student, what is your major and year of graduation?
  3. What are some of your hobbies and interests?
  4. What’s something you want to learn more about in the next year?
  5. Is there something with FOSS RIT you are interested in specifically?
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I’ve now had several turns as an adjunct instructor teaching the Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software (HFOSS) course. Always a great privilege and most of the time a lot of fun!

I thought I knew a lot about FOSS but I’ve seen the truth in the idea that to really learn something, you have to try to teach it–I’ve learned, and continue to learn, so much, both from my students, and from the broader community.

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Also, does every introduction ahve to be a new topic? Seems like a single topic with intros would be … tighter, and sufficient.

(to extend my intro in this vein, I’ve been using a variety of topic-oriented web forums for a long time, starting with the WeLL but extending from that through a number of other systems inspired by its software, PicoSpan).

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Hey @deejoe, welcome to the Discourse site! :wave: :smile: Glad to have you here. It will be great to have your feedback in the Site Feedback category about how we can improve the usability of the site for email users too.

Nope! I have no preference. Posting them in this thread works just the same too. :+1:

Hello, I’m Christian Martin, also known by my handle of “ctmartin”. I am a 3rd year New Media Interactive Development student in GCCIS, but also do a variety of less-interactive things including cloud computer (aka banging my head against servers and/or burning things to the ground digitally). I’ve been with RITlug & FOSS@MAGIC for a couple years now and you can find me active in the #rit-foss IRC channel.

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I’m Ian Effendi (@rimij405) but I also use my name as my handle (effendiian). I am a fourth year Game Design & Development student in IGM, but, this is my first real dive into FLOSS (via my HFOSS course). I’m pretty busy this semester so I haven’t had an opportunity to go to many meetups with RITlug or FOSS@MAGIC, but, I’m around. I’ve made a couple repiles and posts here and there, so, figured I’d make an official introduction here.

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Hi @ctmartin and @effendiian! Welcome. :wave: :smile: Looking forward to seeing you both around.

Hello I’m Kent Reese, Third Year Game Design and Development Student at RIT. I’m into hiking, camping, canoeing and other outdoors-man activities. I’m also very invested in the RIT game development community through both ROC Game Dev and RIT Game Dev Club.
I’ve always wanted to learn how to skydive, I plan on learning that this summer. In relation to FOSS, I hope to learn and contribute more to projects like GoDot and AntiMicro. I’ve been a member of FOSS@RIT for a year now and I’m ready to rock.

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Hi, I’m Dev. I’m a first year CS at RIT with a distaste for nonfree software. I’d like to learn about more FOSS projects to make my life better. Currently looking for a DE/wm that doesn’t suck. Lemme know if you find one. I’d like the beauty of KDE/Wayfire, with the UX (and battery life) of Xfce, and the configurability/speed of awesomewm or i3wm, but there’s no such thing as perfect so it probably doesn’t exist.

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Hi Dev, welcome! :wave:

It is early now, but you will want to keep an eye out for IGME-582 Humanitarian Free & Open Source Software Development course that runs in the spring. @deejoe can give more context there.

For KDE, @ctmartin or maybe @jxr8142 could likely offer some suggestions. For window managers, @Tjzabel could offer some ideas. :mag:

FWIW, LXQt has a KDE theme. I’m not really into WMs like i3, but let me know if you find something neat for the DE side :slight_smile:

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Hello and welcome!

Honestly, finding that perfect environment and configuration is such a personal experience. What makes a great DE/WM depends on so many different factors.

If you want to try something new, you can run i3 within Xfce super easily. I did that for quite a while before I switched fully to i3-gaps. If you’re also just looking for workspace inspiration, and haven’t heard of it before, is always a great resource :slight_smile:

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finding that perfect environment and configuration is such a personal experience

Both the benefit and the downfall!

you can run i3 within Xfce super easily

Really? What does that look/act like. Sounds actually really neat, and may serve extremely well at some point.

/r/unixporn is always a great resource

It was, until every post became virtually the same Arch/i3-gaps rice with maybe a different color scheme and the occasional music control menu…

In happier news, I’ve been toying with KDE a bit and I’m honestly impressed. This might have a to stick around, at least long enough for a real stress test!

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KDE is a great option! I’ve never used it, but I’ve only heard good things about it.

In terms of i3wm within Xfce, there are a ton of resources online for how to do so. All it really is, is going into the Xfce settings, removing Xfce4wm from the strartup scripts, and adding in i3wm. Here is an old picture of my workstation using i3wm + Xfce for reference. You can all the benefits of a DE, with the speed of a tiling WM. Theoretically, any WM can replace the xfce4wm. I’ve only personally tested it out with bspwm and i3.

Also, yeah, does seem to see the same posts over and over again :sweat_smile:

Let us know what you end up deciding on!

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