Introduction: Rigved Rakshit

Hello, I’m a new MS Data Science student starting in Fall 2020 and hoping to complete my degree in 2022. I have been interested in FOSS for many years. In fact, I made a living from it until recently! I was a Manager in the Linux System Architect department of a web hosting company for a few years. I have also organized two mini-DebConfs in the past, a few Ubuntu release parties, and multiple LUG meetings in my city:

I’m interested in learning to use FOSS software in Data Science over the next few years, especially in the field of Natural Language Processing. To that end, I sometimes tinker with my two Mycroft AI Mark I units. I was working on a project to create a summarizer for webpage articles. Who wants to read long articles just to get to the two lines that give the entire message of the web page? It mostly works but takes around 3 hours to compile and install on the measly resources of the Raspi on the Mycroft units. I could have used online services but I built this skill with privacy in mind so that everything takes place on the local Mycroft unit:

Webpage Summarizer Skill for Mycroft AI

tl;dr: Excited to join RIT!

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Hey @rigved, welcome! It is great to have you here. If you haven’t already, you should find your way to our chat rooms, either on IRC, Matrix, or Telegram (they are all bridged together):

Looking forward to seeing you around!

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Awesome sauce! Hope to see everyone soon!

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HI Rigved, great background! Looking forward to meeting you.

FOSS@RIT/FOSS@MAGIC is a program I started about 10 years ago to promote bring FOSS and our students together.

I won’t see you F2F this fall, I’m working from home.

We will be having virtual FOSS hours starting next Thursday, from 5-6. Kind of our weekly hangout.

One of the things I’ll be talking about in our first get-together is that we’ve just created one of the first-ever University Open Source Program Offices (calling ours Open@RIT, the Open Programs Office) and one of the things we’ll redoing with Open@RIT is trying to collect metrics on the University’s (Faculty and Staff initially) contributions to Open Hardware, SW, Data, etc, so that might be of interest to you.

Looking forward to seeing you .



Hi Steve. Sure, it’ll be good to meet everyone during a virtual hangout. And this sounds like an interesting project with the metrics.