Joseph Gordon-Levitt: The Difference Between a Crowd and a Community

Check out this interesting talk from actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt in his keynote at Open Source Summit North America 2019:

Note his comparisons and contradictions between the following:

  • Crowd, or Community?
  • Free Culture, or Fair Compensation?
  • Socializing, or Collaborating?

I thought this was an excellent free culture-related talk. It’s half an hour, worth watching start to finish. :smile:

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Very interesting talk. I think it serves as a great example as to how many companies view their communities as a resource to exploit. Whether it’s social media companies and their users, or software companies trying to leverage open source.

I think there’s something to be said about understanding the underlying objectives of organizations seeking to utilize/build communities around certain initiatives/products. What that underlying objective is seems like it could really massively change the type of community that’s created.

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I think the competitive nature of capitalism can unconsciously push an organization with deeper proprietary roots to an exploitative view of open source community. The difference of complicity in exploitation indicates the degrees in which an organization may shift its practices.

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