Meteor Hackathon

Hey everyone,

We are very excited to announce Meteor Hackathon this fall of 2021!

The hackathon will be held from October 15th to October 22nd (a 7-day event), focusing on building knowledge and understanding in Meteor.js, Meteor Cloud, and javascript. The theme will be focused on building something impactful, but there are no restrictions on which field of interest you can pick!

You will team up with 5 members (max.) and you can be anywhere in the world as the entirety of the event will be held remotely. There are also prizes for ALL participants!

To learn more about Meteor’s hackathon, click the link HERE .

Right now we are in talks with RIT to have a space available for participants to start of the event and possible have someone from Meteor Software to show up with swag. I’ll keep you posted.

We just had University of Hawai’i join the hackathon and it looks like they are going to be the heavy weight with a dedicated course: