Open Science Resources

There was some discussion at The Future is Open today about open science, so I thought I’d make a thread for people to share any relevant resources. So please share anything you want to promote. I expect @jxr8142 will post some good links on reproducible computing with R :slight_smile:

I was asked in particular about whether there’s a website for getting into gravitational wave data analysis (what I do), and the answer is the GWOSC website, which includes publicly available data, links to all of the open source software we develop for analyzing it, and tutorials for getting started.

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Not sure if anyone has heard of the Mozilla Science Lab? They have produced a lot of resources to help scientists work together on collaborative projects in a decentralized way.

One of my favorite MozSci resources is their “Working Open” workshop:

It might also be worth looking at what @Nolski shared in this thread:

Mozilla also refreshed a lot of the work which came out of their open science team in their (more generalized) open leadership course.

I’m a huge fan of the Open Worm project when it comes to cool FOSS science projects

Lastly, RocPy which is Rochester’s python user group (in my experience at least) has had scientists as a fairly large part of the groups makeup. In general they’re a great group of folks and highly recommend attending one of their meetups. We used to have it as mandatory homework for HFOSS back in the day :wink:

Lastly, if you are at all involved in the open science community, as @jwf said, check out They offer fellowships and maybe the occasional grant as well? From the folks I’ve talked to that have participated in Mozilla Open Science, it’s entirely changed how they work in their community in very positive ways.