Responsible Optimization

Yesterday at COLA, Clive Thompson talked about the social issues that arise from optimizing everything with technology.

This was a very fascinating talk, anybody who is interested should read my short blog post about it:

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This is a great write-up @jxr8142, thanks for sharing.

“Thompson suggests that there are certain cases where we should slow down and add friction to cases that we initially see the need to optimize. Reflection and deliberation are important things that are often thrown to the wind when we optimize things.”

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“This now begs the question: how do we do we solve these issues? This is something that Thompson didn’t discuss in depth nor had a great answer for.”

The best answer I have is there are several different niches around Internet Health organizing and activism that address this. There is not a single approach or take on responsible optimization and how to solve the problem of too fast/too slow. I think we could also point to @Nolski’s work around AI transparency and ethics as a case study of this.

Or even GDPR, for that matter.