RITlug: 2019 spring semester overview

Hi all. RITlug shared this announcement on the mailing list today. Here’s an overview of what is planned for the spring semester:

Hello RITlug and welcome to Week 1! This Friday we will hold our first meeting of the semester in GOL-2650.

In true LUG form we will kick things off by trialing Linux distributions on the lab machines (or personal machines, we will have flash drives readily available for booting).

Come join us for a fun evening of exploring new distros and re-discovering old favorites!

Each month will consist of presentations from students and guest speakers that follow a theme. Below is an outline of some of the topics we’d like to cover this semester.

As always if you have an idea on a topic you’d like to see a presentation on, or if you have a presentation you’d like to give - feel free to reach out to us on Slack, Email, or even our Spring Semester Planning issue on GitHub

January - Linux

  • Install-fest (This Friday!)
  • Systemd

February - Cloud

Put your head in the clouds and discover what’s behind the scenes at major cloud providers.

  • Linux in the Cloud
  • Automation
  • Cloud Security
  • Software Defined Networking
  • Block Storage

March (before break) - Up and Coming Technologies

Learn about the cool new technologies that are shaping the Open Source community today.

  • Big Data
  • Open Data
  • Graph Databases
  • Machine Learning
  • Decentralization

March (after break) - Programming

What can you do when you combine software and hardware?

  • Controlling GPIO on a Raspberry Pi
  • Esoteric Programming Languages

April - Maker Movement

Learn about creating physical & digital artistic/interactive works using Linux & Open Source.

  • Open Hardware
  • Game Making
  • Creative Coding

Best luck this semester, and hope to see you all Friday!

  • Ian (@icflournoy)

Upcoming Events:

  • Feb 9 - 10: Binghamton University Hackathon - HackBU