RIT's Data Repository Website

Hi friends! I’ve been looking for a replacement webmaster for a project I’ve been working on. While I have found someone interested, they would likely appreciate any help on the project as it is a pretty large project. So if you are in anyway interested in working on the project let me know. It would start back up next year (so if you, like me, are dying it would start in the fall, not now) and is unpaid (I know “exposure” does not pay the bills but this is a very new thing and it’s been a great resume builder for me as well as counting for my last honors points requirement). Here’s a little blurb about it:

RIT’s Data Repository website serves as a place for sharing and finding datasets relevant to Data Science and Machine Learning work. The webmaster’s duties include maintaining the site as well as building new features. In terms of a tech stack the site is built using python’s Flask microframework with Bootstrap and MariaDB/MySQL. Unfortunately this is unpaid work, but if you are an honors student this can count for honors points. If you are interested please contact me at rtl3971@rit.edu.

Also feel free to comment or message me here or in the FOSS IRC/Telegram.

While the project is not necessarily open source, it does make use of many open source technologies and the professor I’m working with is fairly open to suggestions so that’s always a possibility.

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