Testing post by email

This is a test of creating new threads via email on the Discourse site.

Awesome, this feature of Discourse is now confirmed to work! Replying by email should also be enabled for replying to existing conversations.

Each Discourse category has a special email address that can be used to post new threads. They are formatted as follows:

post-<category slug>@fossrit.community

For example, post-tech@fossrit.community creates a new post in the Technology and Open Source category. In order for your post-by-email to come through, you must send the email from your email address associated with your Discourse account.


(jubilation, but also a test)

(I will try to remember to trim replies much more heavily when so replying but we’ll leave all the stuff below, for now.)

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Works! :partying_face:

So long as you top-post your reply, I think Discourse trims it for you. It would be worth testing out. It trimmed my signature on my original post for this thread.