Was asked to share here: Monolith, for saving web pages as an offline HTML document

Hey y’all!

Sharing a project (not my own, though I’ve contributed) that might be of interest here! Monolith is a tool that downloads a web page and all linked assets into a single, browser-viewable HTML document that you can squirrel away and keep forever. A lot of work has gone into making sure that Monolith is able to recreate the page as close to it’s normal state as we can without needing any non-local assets or even more than one file.

If y’all wanna check it out, it’s open source at Y2Z/monolith on Github!

― Emi (she | they)


OMG, you authored the most recent commit! Nice! :star_struck:

This is such an awesome project. Lately I’ve been creating bookmarks with the Wayback Machine after I started to have link rot across some of my bookmarks. A project like this is so much more interesting though.

I wonder if anyone involved with the archives at the RIT Libraries has heard of or seen this tool before.