FOSS@RIT Tech Team meeting minutes - 2020 Feb. 16

Hi folks! The FOSS@RIT Tech Team convened for our first meeting of the semester today. :tada: Below is a brief recap of the notes from our call. The next call will be Sunday, March 1st at 3pm EST.

Roll call

Agenda for 1st Tech Team meeting

Introductions / roll call

  • Name, year/major, last thing you read (book, article, anything)


  • Runbook making steady progress (see latest PRs)
  • Begin planning for PyCon (do folks already have tickets?)

Project updates

TeleIRC (@Tjzabel)

Foss-profiles (@kta7930)

  • Done:
    • Planning deployment (from BrickHack)
      • Jekyll / GitHub Pages
      • OpenWhisk
      • Docsify
    • Reviewed project linked by @kennedy from RIT Croatian developer team
      • Used single YAML file for multiple profiles, but probably could split off into different files like we do for foss-profiles
  • Doing:
    • Continue research and decide on final deployment option
    • Likely focus on Jekyll + GH Pages for simplicity
  • Concerns:
    • None so far; pretty straightforward so far
    • How best to categorize profiles (e.g. students, alums, staff, mentors)?

Open floor

  • PyCon…?!?!?!
  • Splitting off foss-profiles into a v2.0 branch for a rewrite


Pycon tickets are available!! PyCon is taking place in Pittsburgh from April 17-19. Student tickets are $150, and if we can get enough RIT students to go, we may be able to rent a van to all drive down together!

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